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. how the unions get in there. >> andreson was a lot more clear. >> he's great. >> great job by andrew. make sure to join us tomorrow. that's it for us. "squawk on the street" is next. >>> all right. with that, good morning. welcome to "squawk on the street." live at the nyse. we'll continue to monitor what jamie dimon does at the deal mark conference. we await the federal reserve statement, and news conference in just a few hours. as for europe, some green arrows, despite a miss in the eurozone in production this morning. >> the road map starts this morning with, of course, the fed. expectations for revamped bond buying program. what will the economic forecast say about next year and what to make of the "wall street journal" story that says academics are driving monetary policy at secret dinners in switzer land. >> more counteroffers in the debt negotiations. it looks like corporate taxes are part of the deductions. >> costco beats by 2 cents, better sales and better sales and membership fees. >> some more reports about apple tv today. the journal said it's designing a high -- new hig
-called container royalties that shipping companies and terminal owners share with union members. jackie deangelis is live from the port area in new jersey with more on this story. jackie? >> first came the fiscal cliff, now they're calling this the container cliff. it's a potential strike that could shut down more than a dozen ports, all the way from maine down to texas, including the port of new york in new jersey, which you can see a piece of which behind me. and negotiations broke down earlier this week and there's been no progress made in talks since then. but i want to talk about what's at stake, if the 14,000 longshoreman do walk out tomorrow night. it could have a devastating impact on the retail sector. now, the new york and new jersey port is just one port that could be impacted by this. it's the second largest port to handle manufactured goods from china. it's also the largest port on the east coast. now, last year this port handled $208 billion in cargo. we're talking about products like furniture and also apparel. in 2002, we saw a west coast port lockout. estimates suggest tha
to pay for the products and we have, you know, a long wait for the chocolate bar on union square and our kiosk at bryant park is doing very, very well. we're very happy with the holidays so far. >> anybody who lives in manhattan knows where you are and how long the lines can be. are people showing more of a willingness to splurge? are you sensing caution there? what is the mood? >> the mood is good. it's a holiday, festive mood. are we seeing any caution? i don't think we're seeing it in our brand but i think the economy speaks for itself and i think there is a cautionary kind of waiting to see how government deals with the economics that are on the horizon. >> speaking of which we were discussing some cocoa futures, dairy futures during the break. is this related to the fiscal cliff? what is the issue facing the industry? >> well, on the milk prices you have a producer's price of $6 a gallon versus a supported price of under $3 a gallon. if they don't continue on the fiscal cliff to solve these and bring the legislations from, you know, the 2008 legislation and the legislation from prev
if an agreement is not reached by december 29th. cargo airlines, china, korean air and the union is striking to make sure that jobs performed by union workers stay union jobs after these workers retire. management says they don't want to do that. they call it featherbedding and claim they offered compensation packages for senior employees worth $109,000. time off for most senior people for 11 weeks and guaranteed job security. i'm hold ttold the average sala $85,000 for the clerical workers and the mayor is enraged and wants negotiations to continue around the clock until this thing is settled. back to you. >> jane, thank you very much. >>> in the meantime, do you remember the guy that said that growth in the united states would be half a percent higher due to the launch of iphone 5. now he's revising down q-4 predictions. he'll be with us next on cnbc. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! i'm gonna stand up to her! no you're not. i know. you know ronny folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than
the stoppage in the west coast a decade ago cost the economy about $1 billion a day. reportedly the unions offered to extend the contract through january was rejected. if there's a strike, the union says clothing, frozen foods and household goods would not move. but mail, military cargo and some perishables may go through. the last time we had an east coast strike like this, 1977. i did call the union's main office this morning. they are closed for the holidays. and on their website, a little bit of foreboding, there's a big fat link on the upper right side that says strike preparations. melissa, back to you. >> brian, as we've seen with other strikes, of course, theoretically shifts can go into other ports maybe in mexico and goods can move up by rail or truck. >> yes. but it does complicate the supply chain. there is obviously some distribution issues. but yes, there are ways around it. it just complicates it and costly. >> brian shactman, thank you. as congressional leaders still struggle to reach a deal ahead of the fiscal cliff, let's look at how the municipal bond sector could be aff
to move to lots of other ports. >> a lot of other issues as well because this is of course, a union issue. there for example the strength of the unions and at what point does it make the u.s. less competitive than some other port thought? what point do we need reform those structures to become more competitive and preserve the jobs? >> some trouble at northwestern ports, we just had the clerical workers in california. that was a near miss. something about labor disnews is the port. >> we try to move more energy outside of the u.s. to asia in particular, getting those contracts in place will be more important. but that is a ten year timeframe. >>> not-so-good news for nokia, a month after the launching in the u.s., cell phones are offered at steep discounts or free on u.s. carriers or amazon. nokia is betting heavily on that phone which runs microsoft's windows 8 system. it launched in november with at&t for $99. another version of the phone also available force 99 at verizon. some discussion, dennis, this is just how things work. >> i don't think that's how things work. if you buy an ipho
're likely to get their money from the rest of the european union. taking some of those concerns back out of the market so, again, today the spanish bond market rallying and, therefore, the yield forming. still above 5% but falling. it's also true of italy. there the yields are down. take a look at where we are on the ten year, 4.4% and those bonds rise in value, you see the italian banks, for example, rising in value. the stock market, it's obvious the value of their assets is gaining ground. other financials around europe, the likes of kbc, bank of ireland, a lot of questions to the degree the irish can get better terms for their bailout or deal as a result of what the greeks have been given. there is -- and carl mentioned this, one area of concern today, and that's the finance minister's meeting where the frie french and the germans seem at odds over how they're going to get banking union, the germans are saying it cannot -- the individual banks cannot all be controlled by the ecb, the french saying, yes, they should be. that's the german finance minister. they are very split. they wil
guess they win in terms of underfunded liabilities, crummy credit ratings, negotiations with unions always seem to go a certain way. but there is something our next guest from chicago magazine found that chicago won hands down, and when you come back in about five to ten minutes i'll tell you what it is. this accidet with my state farm pocket agent app. you can also get a quote and pay your premium with this thing. i thought state farm didn't have all those apps? where did you hear that? the internet. and you believed it? yeah. they can't put anything on the internet that isn't true. where did you hear that? [ both ] the internet. oh look. here comes my date. i met him on the internet. he's a french model. uh, bonjour. [ male announcer ] state farm. more mobile than ever. get to a better state. how they'll live tomorrow. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want. ameriprise. the strength of a leader in retirement planning. the heart of
on this but the union is still going to be active. so what can listeners and viewers do to send a message to stand firm on this issue, sir? >> yep. so you've got exactly the right message. the positive outcome of this treaty is we've gotten very explicit about the importance of internet freedom from a commercial standpoint, from a free speech standpoint. we've been very clear. there are a lot of other nations with us on that. this is going to be a discussion that will have to continue. this treaty does not go into effect until 2015. all of the nations that do not sign like us are not bound by this treaty. we go back to 1988. the ones that do sign this do not have an enforcement mechanism. so the bigger issue here is that we have to keep advancing this dialogue about the risks to the internet. we need to keep advancing the importance of broadband deployment and through that process i'm confident that people will see the benefit of the internet and economies and citizens will see the benefit. >> we're going to have to leave it there. we are a bit short on time. i thank you for what you are trying to do.
is considering making michigan the 24th right to work state. basically restricting unions in what is obviously a stronghold of organized labor. this is the scene outside the capitol which has already been closed because it was filled to capacity. an estimated 10,000 people demonstrating outside where it's about 25 degrees. also several school districts in michigan have been closed as the teachers there have gone to lansing to join the rallies. quite a scene today in michigan. >>> meantime, time for a capital markets op-ed. gary, we mentioned madoff. it's hard to believe it's been four years. >> as a matter of fact, david and i were just talking about it offset. it was 3:00 four years ago today. i got a phone call. you're not going to believe this. they finally got madoff. faber and i had been chatting about it probably for close to a decade. remember, within the industry, the numbers, the performance, this was something that wasn't unknown. but just people were shocked. again, that day that four years ago, david, can you believe it? no, we can't believe it. finally nailed him. here's the thing
of trades also on western union, at&t and kroger also canceled below certain levels. but trades on ibm, lucadia, hess and will stand. back to you. >> all right, bertha, thanks for getting down to the bottom of that. got a lot of e-mails this morning about these trades. our thanks, of course, to joe. who joins us here on set from deutsche bank. >>> speaker 69 house john boehner set . >>> speaker of the house john boehner set to take the podium after this break. >>> meantime, take a look at this ipo. it just opened for trade. it is higher now by 18%, priced at 8 which is much lower than its expected range but trading right now at $9.50. >> it was the expected rate, as we said, more on solar city and more from john boehner after the break. by not breaking down. consider the silverado 1500 -- still the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. and now we've also been recognized for lowest total cost of ownership -- based on important things, like depreciation, fuel, and maintenance costs. and now trade up to get a 2012 chevy silverado all-star edition w
good bit of news as we head towards the holiday next week, every state in the union now has gas below $4 a gallon on average. it's been a long time since we've seen that. back to you. >> that is something else. thank you so much, bertha. bertha coombs covering the complex for us. "time" magazine unveiling person of the year, and the winner is -- the newly reelected barack obama. we'll check in on some of the contenders for the title, how they reach their decision over at the book. the international editor for "time" magazine joins us from new york. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you're the international editor because they just named morsi as a contender. why the president? >> well, we elected the president because we thought ultimately this election was even more consequential than 2008. the 2008 election was really about hope and change and the historical place of barack obama. this is actually a verification, and an ensconcement. he won this election very conclusively. demographics not only in his favor, but he successfully exploited them. he got people to vote who usuall
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12